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Issue number five and six in a stunning bundle. Thats 344 pages full of high class trainwriting pictures from all over the world! In issue number five you will get the outstanding art of DETAIL, FGPQ/DRB, K100, RGR, RIZE & SKOE, ROSÈ, SKEL and SKIFÉ as well as finest steel worldwide. This issue features a freight train section for the first time in the history of our magazine. With the sixth issue you can enjoy the classy works of FISTER, GRIM, IZZO, MÖE, NOACH, OLDBOYS, REGIE and ZAY and let yourself be stoked by the OBC/EPSC wholecar special.

Released in 2015 & 2018 / Together 344 pages / Softcover / Format 220x310 mm / English and German text

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